Plastic Impact Irrigation Water Sprinkler With Brass Thread

Plastic Impact Irrigation Water Sprinkler With Brass Thread
Spray Distance (Radius)8-15M


1, Exceptionally wide range of quick-fit nozzles

2, Superior chemically and grit resistance

3, Easy maintenance

4, Added design flexibility

5, Irrigation and germination of vegetables, flowers and nursery crops

6, With high quality and competitive price


1, Available in 3/4’’ male and female thread.

2, Color coded nozzles for easy size identification.

3, Nozzle bayonet connection for easy service in field conditions.

4, Nozzles with integrated stream straightening vane for long range.

5, Engineering plastic material for durability and corrosion resistant.

6, Pivot pin and springs made of stainless steel.

7, Recommended pressure 1.0-4.0 bar.

8, Radius is 12.0-17.0 m.

9, Measure (CM/PSC) 40*36*30, weight (KG/PSC) 0.15

10, Made from POM keep sprinklers with long use-life.

11, Angle adjustable make sprinkler available to many shape land.

12, With high water use efficiency, maximum can be achieved with minimum use of water.

13, It saves time to irrigate all major, minor and vegetable crops including orchards.

14, Where topography is uneven, there is no need to level the agricultural fields for irrigation.

15, It is the most appropriate irrigation system for all permeable soils.

16, There is a significant saving in terms of cost and labor.

17, Seed germination is faster and seedlings show better vigor compare to other methods of irrigation like surface and flood irrigation.

18, Amount of water being applied is less which keeps the runoff at minimum.

19, Vegetables, citrus orchards and other fruit trees can successfully be protected from frost.

20, Ground water-table can be controlled to save shallow rooted crops.

21, High water distribution with spacing up.

22, Color-coded bayonet nozzles for easy service.

23, Integrated stream-straightening vane for maximum range.

24, Heavy-duty plastic materials provide resistance to corrosion, chemicals and radiation.

25, Specifically designed for field edges irrigation.

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